Lisbon and Porto Recommendations

Hi all,

I'll be travelling to Lisbon and Porto at the end of June this year.  We will be about three days in each place and then to Spain.  Do you have any recommendations for specific wineries or wine focused activities while there?  We will be four total people in both Lisbon and Porto.  I have received some good restaurant recommendations for Lisbon by a Guild friend who was recently there, so perhaps more of the wine focused activities or tours in Lisbon and wineries and port houses in Porto would be most useful.

Thank you!


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  • If you like a small wine bar, don’t hesitate to go BA Wine bar, in Bairro Alto, this the name, the place is tinny and he is always fully booked, try to reserve your table in advance, He a is very passionate wine lover, let him guide you through some non commercial wines, the artesanal Portuguese wine selection is impressive, for more trendy wine bar, do not hesitate to visit the By the Wine by Jose María da Fonseca, português large producer in Setubal; Piriquita, Lancer’s, off course all wines are JMF, but is worth it you might learn one or two new things from the wine team behind the counter, the food is superb ! Portuguese chef Jose Avillez has opened many restaurants lately in Lisboa, I tried Cantina Zé Avillez, small , modern with traditional Portuguese food to higher level, the wines are fair priced and honest selected by our good friend Group Sommelier Rodolfo Tristão, they also opened the Bairro Avilez a former monestery turned into a gastronomic temple, if you like tapas style stay in the open kitchen area, for more formal Dinning they have the internal patio. Listen to Geoff Kruth and spend some times in Colares, I can highly recommend Casal St María, from classical to modern including a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noit, probably among the bests in Portugal right now, off course they have a Malvasia and Ramisco from Chão de areia. BTW, the beaches in the sourrounding area are breathtaking ! If need contact at Casal St María, let we know! 

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