Spanish Wine Books

Any recommendations for books on Spanish Wines?

Please and thank you!

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  • The previous country-wide reference of "The New Spain" is vastly out of date, having been published in 2006 and I doubt you can even find a copy these days.

    The most recent books are much more regional, which is a proper evolution given how much Spain has changed. For the northwest segment, Sarah Jane Evans wrote a book With Infinite Ideas which came out early last year. Likewise, from the same publisher is the Julian Jeffs book on Sherry.

    There's a more general book by Parker reviewer, Luis Gutierrez, "The New Vignerons: A New Generation of Spanish Wine Growers" but I can't speak as to how it is for a reference book as I haven't read it.

    Then I have a couple of books from the other side of the country which focus on Catalunya:

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