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Somms with walking aids/disabilities

Hi everyone,

So, I'm taking my Level 2 in two weeks in Miami and I have a question.

Late last year, I suffered a bad knee injury that required surgery.. and unfortunately I did some permanent damage to my knee. As a result, I wear a giant metal brace on my left knee, and when I walk around in hard shoes, I have to walk with a cane.

My knee is still healing from surgery - the doc says Labor Day by the time it's really healed as far as it will go. I can walk normally with sneakers on most of the time, but obviously I can't wear sneakers in a restaurant environment.

I haven't served wine to anyone since the injury. Honestly, I've been too nervous and I don't know what to do. But, I have to pretty soon, so I was wondering if anyone knows Somms that require walking aids, and how they provide service to their guests.

Thank you!


  • I have to say Jeff the role of a Somm is changing.  You don't have to work in an extremely upscale environment to take care of guests.  Use this to your advantage, maybe host some wine classes or look into being a private buyer for collectors.  Or even better find a great environment you love that doesn't require a suit and tie (and where you can just wear black tennis shoes) that you can ease back into.  Either way reach out to Yannick Benjamin.  He is an incredible inspiration as well as a great motivator.  Either way never let this stop you and good luck!

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