Heat wave in Europe

The massive heat wave in Europe is pretty alarming. Chiefly, because there have been a huge spike in heat related casualties; but as it pertains to this forum I am pretty curious about the vines there.

Rioja and Rivera Del Duero for example are already seeing days over 40c (104f) and looks like more to come. Anyone in the area that can comment on the grapes/vineyards?

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  • We're going to hit 39 in Priorat, but you know, it's a dry 39 :)

    This isn't atypical to be honest and while the vines could shut down, this early on, it's not a massive issue, especially if it's just for two days as is currently predicted.

    The bigger issue is if there are continued spikes like this and we end up with a 2011 vintage which was very unbalanced. Too early to tell though.

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