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Advanced Candidates taking Exam July 8-10

First off Congratulations to everyone that's about to sit the Advanced Exam in Phoenix coming up... yes it will hot, so watch yourself, shade is your friend and drink a lot of water.

So figured I would throw a guide together for people on places to eat, drink, near the Palomar.

Im going to forego directions in hopes that you all have a means to map things out on phone


- Breakfast -

• Matt's Big Breakfast (Absolute Best breakfast in Arizona) 825 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

• Phoenix Public Market

• Vovomeena


- No Bullshit, amazing Mexican food -

• Asadero Toro (Order the Lorenza Yaz Campechana Taco... best taco in Phoenix !! Warning: this particular taco is Tripe so heads up)

• Los Taquitos (this one is a little bit of a hike, about 7 miles, but arguably the greatest counter service mexican in Phoenix)

• Tacos Chiwas

- Higher End Mexican - 

• Barrio Cafe

• Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva (Prix Fixe)

- Italian -

• Pizzeria Bianco (Sonny Boy is a killer Pizza)

• Cibo (Outstanding grub)

• Oregano's (Total Guilty pleasure Italian. Their sausage is made in Chicago and shipped out daily along with Wisconsin Cheese) [ will need uber ]

- Vegan -

• Green (Big Wac is pretty dope)

• Coronado PHX (Cauliflower tacos are choice)

- Coffee -

• Cartel (One of the best coffee houses and it's a short walk)

• Lola Coffee

• Fair Trade Cafe

• Jobot (total hipster coffee joint)

• Press Coffee

- Wine Shops -

• Hidden Track 

• The Churchill (Chris Lingua is a good dude to talk to. His specialty is natural wines so you'll find some crazy stuff in this container)

• Tarbell's The Wine Store (All sorts of amazing stuff...)

- Cocktails / Nightlife -

• Little Rituals (this place is legit, Tails rated it top 10 in nation)

• Bitter and Twisted (Ramen burger is pretty good... great cocktails)

• Angels Trumpet Ale House (you want beer, this is the place)

• Squid Ink (Sushi and Cocktails, just below the palomar)

• Valley Bar (Cool tucked away Hipster bar that's also a music venue in a large basement)

• Cobra Arcade (Retro Arcade Games and Bar, great for waiting for results)

- Restaurants only in AZ that will are worth the Uber -

• Tarbell's (great wine list, Killer food. Great spot to go and eat)

• Tarbell's Tavern (Right next door to Tarbell's) They are open for lunch... great burger! Great beer selection too and you can go into the wine shop next door and buy something and drink it in the Tavern... The wine store has some really good stuff available, highly suggest it!)

• FnB (Chef Badman just won a Beard Award, good wine list by Pavle)

• Tratto (Every Amaro distributed in Arizona is under this roof... good pasta and good portion of natural wines)

• Cafe Monarch (Prix Fixe, Sam has a good list and will be sitting with you guys at the exam)

• Nishikawa Ramen


I wish I could be there to see you all get pinned up, but I will be in Chicago on Business at that time. Good luck to everyone!!

  • Thanks Jason this is awesome !! I had already done a bit of researching and several of your recommendations were on my list- and of course I had wanted to swing by Bourbon Steakhouse to say hi, but since youll be outta town I might just hunker down in the Palomar's AC. Excited to check out Phoenix and meet some of local wine contingent !

  • My pleasure Sir... best of luck at the exam! If you need anything else, please reach out

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