So I passed my Certified last year and am looking to continue to advance my wine knowledge as much as possible.

In saying as such I am curious to hear some of the communities feedback on all there various certifications out there.

I have enrolled in WSET3 this fall and was considering going for CSW as well.

Is this too broad? Am I making too many lateral steps as opposed to forward?

Please let me know

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  • I took WSET 3 a year ago in preparation for the Certified exam (which I passed in Feb). I think aside from the differences in the tasting grid that Kevin very well covered, the other big differences are how they want the information given back to them and what information is covered. WSET is very much focused on the business of wine, particularly in the global economy, as opposed to the serving of it, which is why so many people in distribution pursue that as opposed to CMS. I really enjoyed learning from my instructor, which was nice opposed to the self study of the court. The curriculum and exam really makes you think about the whys of wine, not just regurgitating facts. Why would this grape do well in these places, or why would it be different in these 2 climates. From what I understand, the exam is more similar in structure (with the essay aspects) to the Advanced exam, if the content not as difficult. I thought the Certified theory exam to be less difficult than the WSET by quite a bit. My 2 cents! 

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