So I passed my Certified last year and am looking to continue to advance my wine knowledge as much as possible.

In saying as such I am curious to hear some of the communities feedback on all there various certifications out there.

I have enrolled in WSET3 this fall and was considering going for CSW as well.

Is this too broad? Am I making too many lateral steps as opposed to forward?

Please let me know

  • I passed the Certified Exam in 2016 and just took the CSW in April and passed. For what it's worth the CSW is easier than the certified exam, not just because of it's format only being a multiple choice test, and no tasting or theory, but because of the general difficulty of the curriculum. They do have a tricky way of wording things but I would say that if you already have the certified exam, you probably know what you need to know to pass. I will say the workbook is great though and really solid information. I took it because I am a Wine Educator and a Regional Trainer for a large retailer in Texas, so in planning to take the CWE the CSW is a requisite. WSET 3 is on my radar too though, if the Diploma was offered locally in my area I probably would've gone that route. 

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