Tenerife-Canary Islands


I'll be on vacation in Tenerife (Canary Islands, technically part of Spain) and have read that there's an impressive 70 wineries on this small island. I've also read that it is difficult to find the wines outside of the island. Has anyone tried wines from here before or have any recommendations for wineries to visit? Thanks in advance!

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  • Some of my favorites from the Canaries - 


    Suertes del Marques

    Dolores Cabrera

    Matias i Torres

    New producer coming to the states is Pablo Matallana - I haven't had the wines but I have been begging for them forever. 

    Reach out to the importers - they will be the best route to get in touch with the wineries. 

    Jose Pastor Selections and European Cellars are the ones from the wineries listed above. 

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