Tenerife-Canary Islands


I'll be on vacation in Tenerife (Canary Islands, technically part of Spain) and have read that there's an impressive 70 wineries on this small island. I've also read that it is difficult to find the wines outside of the island. Has anyone tried wines from here before or have any recommendations for wineries to visit? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello Kevin!

    I am so glad you are going to visit my island :) The wineries already recommended here are great and Kelli White's article is very illustrative. 

    I would just add that, if you want, we could receive you in my family winery. It is called Bodegas El Penitente, Arautava is the most famous wine, almost everything is sold locally. We make two wines from our vineyard, Finca La Habanera: an Albillo Criollo from three small plots at a 700 meters high elevation, and a "cordón trenzado" listán negro around 600 meters high altitude. You could also taste the very limited 2002 sweet Listán Blanco, Best wine of Spain 2016 for the Spanish Association of Wine Tasters (Bacchus Prices in Madrid) and some varietals from La Orotava. My father, Américo García Núñez, could show you the "cordones trenzados" personally, he is the founder of the winery (1998), was the president of the cooperative of the village decades ago, is co-founder of the DO Valle de La Orotava and has been president of the Canary Islands "Cofradía del Vino". www.bodegaselpenitente.com if you want to know more.

    If you want to visit the winery, just let me know.

    I also recommend you two wine bars in order to taste lots of canary wines: La Cava de Aguere (great food too), in the city of La Laguna; and El Gusto por el Vino, you have one in La Laguna and another in Santa Cruz, the capital of the island. Agustín Farrais also owns a very nice wineshop in La Orotava, called Enófilos. If you want to eat in an amazing restaurant, with the best wine list in Tenerife according to the Canary Islands DOP, visit Haydé, in La Orotava. 

    I hope the information is useful to you!

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