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Forgive me if this has been covered exhaustively in the past and if it’s a waste of space on the forum Joy but I’ve sustained an embarrassing number of injuries from the dull foil cutter on my wine key that I otherwise really like.

any suggestions for an ergonomic wine key with a really good foil cutter? I’m not gonna spend $100 on a pearl handled one with unicorn hairs inside. But I’m willing to spend a few extra $ to ensure my safety :) thanks!

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  • I did not have a Coutale, but the wine keys that I used had serrrated blades,  I used to grind down the serrations and sharpen the blade occasionally using one of these .  It's small and easy to use.  You can keep the serrations on the blade and still use this sharpener, but I found that with the serrations taken off it just takes a few quick swipes on the sharpener to make it nice and sharp again instead of sharpening each serration separately.

    After doing this for about five years, I switched to a Code 38.  I sharpen the blade using this same sharpener when it starts getting dull after about 9 or ten months of heavy use, and then I just replace the blade once a year or so, but that opens a whole 'nother discussion.


  • Thanks for everyone’s responses! I looked at code 38 but I’m not sure I can swing $300-$700 for a wine key right now. Hoping to spend no more than $50. Seems to be a debate over serrated vs non serrated 

  • I have a full proof method. Every few months I let someone borrow my wine key and it disappears into the ether. I then purchase a new one with a fresh shiny blade. Never fails.

  • Also mine has a serrated blade that seems to last a while

  • While this may seem extreme, I've had good results keeping it sharp with the knife sharpener attachment on my Dremel.  And the dremel has a million and one other uses besides.

    Seconding Mr. Bihm on the Coutale series - have worked with a lot of different corkscrews and have come to feel that the QPR on the coutale is about the best there least for me.

  • This is obviously the best strategy.