The Non Drinking Trend

With more "non drinking" happening, what are folks doing with their beverage programs these days? Would love to hear about choices being offered to the non drinking public.

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  • We have a temperance program on our menu. Our recent menu included a mocktail pomegranate mule, blueberry lemonade, virgin margarita, and a bunch of takes on gin drinks using seedlip nonalcoholic spirit. We switch our menu up pretty regularly but it's an easy way to be hospitable and offer guests something non-alcoholic to drink. I remember when I was a kid and always getting virgin daiquiris because I wanted to be "cool" like my mom and older sisters, so I try to remember that when formulating the drinks, they need the same standard of quality and garnishes as regular cocktails. During graduation season I keep sparkling grape juice on hand for guests who want to enjoy the toast but may not be old enough to drink, are pregnant, driving or just do not indulge in alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverage programs can be profitable if marketed and executed properly. I try to create clever names and ultimately just have fun with it. 

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