The Non Drinking Trend

With more "non drinking" happening, what are folks doing with their beverage programs these days? Would love to hear about choices being offered to the non drinking public.

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  • We have a soft cocktail menu that changes 4x per year (it, like the cocktail list and wine pairings, are tied to the menu and all change simultaneously). We also offer a non-alcoholic pairing that consists of tea-based soft cocktails, infusions, and other proprietary beverages. We also have an extensive coffee and tea program with rare/premium offerings alongside more standard options, and recently debuted cold-brewed single origin black, green, and oolong iced teas. 

    I think this is important in two directions, both hospitality and business. On the one hand, you want everyone who walks in the door to have the opportunity to drink something special, and having speciality non-alcoholic options makes them feel like their preferences are being given weight. On the business side of things, if coke is $2 and soft cocktails are $8, that drives revenue, and ideally also makes people want to return.

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