Guilty Pleasures

I was talking to my boyfriend (a chef) about the interesting phenomenon of professional chefs who love fast food and he was asking if there was a similar correlation in the Somm community. I wanted to reach out and ask people to share their favorite wines that might be considered low brow or guilty pleasures. 

I'll start....

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde.... bonus points if sitting poolside while drinking. 

  • Honestly I don’t really have any.  I have general varietal and stylistic preferences but for me calling any well made wine a guilty pleasure is kind of disrespectful and a slap in the face to the people who’s blood sweat and tears made it.  A mass produced wine is one thing, but if a wine is well crafted and of quality, I have no guilt in the pleasure I derive from it.  I’m not trolling, just my $.02

  • I will send all of the well made Torrontes and Pinotage your way.

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