Loire and Burgundy Trip - Chinon/Touraine/Beaune

I am traveling to the Loire for 2 days followed by 2 days in Burgundy and looking for recommendations, especially with regards to wineries to visit.

In the Loire, we will be staying in Chambord and could go as far west as Chinon. 

In Burgundy we plan to stay in Beaune and drive a reasonable distance either way from there.

Generally, any good advice to share? Are there any importers/suppliers who are good about setting up appointments? Any must-go restaurants? Any customs or courtesies when visiting French wineries that would be different than America and good to know?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Agree with Kelli on Ma Cuisine also La Ciboulette and  La Caveau des Arches in Beaune.

    Loire wineries in Vouvray - Vincent Careme, Bernard Fouquet (Domaine des Aubusieres) and Huet

    We had a very cool  visit with Peter Hahn at Clos de la Meslier, Ex-pat america via Australia and Paris, small domaine biodynamic 

    Chinon - Charles Jouget, Couly Dutheil, Caves Plouzeau, Bernard Baudry (watch out for Brett).

    Talk to your distributors to help set up appointments through their importers

    Charles Jouget - Kermit Lynch

    Bernard Baudry - Kermit Lynch

    Vincent Careme - Cape Classics

    Bernard Fouquet - Weygandt - Metzler

    Clos de la Meslier - Rosenthal Wine Merchants

    A number of these you don't need appointments but going through the importer will give you a better chance at getting an ITB behind the scenes visit. Even if you don't carry these producers your distributors can still set up appointments. Are you on Seven Fifty? You can see who distributes these producers in your state.

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