New GuildSomm Vintage Cards: Rioja

We've posted vintage cards for Rioja. You can vote up or vote down based on your opinion of vintage quality.  We will be posting more regions soon.

Are you enjoying this format?

  • I think that these are a great first step, but I feel that there needs to be a bit more fleshing out.  The Wine Scholar Guild's vintage reports are a fantastic example of vintage reports and it would be cool if the Guild could work on something like that, but a bit more expanded.

    Information that I'd like to see (and I sometimes find hard to find):

    • Frost over winter (vines killed, buds killed, etc)
    • Flowering conditions (early and rapid flowering vs long and drawn out, etc)
    • Rain leading up to fruit set (was there water stress so the berries were kept small, etc)
    • Rain leading up to harvest (was there enough water stress to push energy into verasion, etc)
    • Sun/heat leading up to harvest (were the grapes able to get ripe)
    • Harvest weather (rain to dilute the grapes, mildew, etc)
    • Reds vs whites vs dessert styles in regions that have them and any exceptions to sub-regions
    • Information on how this affect the final wines, regardless of the quality
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