Looking to Pass the Advanced Exam in a Couple of Years... Where Should I Work?

I recently passed my certified exam and I am already studying and preparing for taking the advanced exam but I am wondering what the best place to work for me to prepare me for the exam. I am currently the Bar Manager and Bartender at a higher end casual restaurant that has a large BTG list but doesn't seem to have the guests that want to explore and play around too much with what they drink. I am not sure if it would be worth it for me to take a pay cut and work at a higher end place with a stronger and more classic wine program or to try to pivot my list??? Thoughts???

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  • I agree with Brandon - find someone to work for who inspires you and has something to teach you. Past that - 

    Keep in mind that preparing for exams and building a career are not the same thing. You should consider where to work/who to work for with an eye to growing yourself into the best service and beverage professional you can be, not what you think will help you pass a test. While the MS can certainly open doors, your skills, experience, resume, and connections are the things that will get you the jobs that you want - the pin alone will not. Passing the MS exam should be a personal goal, not a professional one.

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