Testing Times: The Untold Story Behind the Master Somm Scandal

Very interesting article written by one of the candidates. Many will recognize her from the Uncorked series.


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  • In all honesty that really freaking sucks and I can’t imagine how she feels but you have to look at it from a positive angle. Otherwise you will fall into problems, like alcoholism, drugs, depression, etc. There’s really no other way you can look at it except another life challenge that needs to be overcome.

    Life is full of unexpected challenges which are out of our control. Often times you are only left with two choices, keep moving or quit and you can’t fault anyone for their choices. But you can imagine all of the random unexpected challenges that you can face in a restaurant career. Maybe a restaurant you invested heavily in suddenly is denied their liquor license.  Your whole inventory could go up in flames or be stolen. Your best manger could suddenly quit and move across the country. You can be a French wine bar when suddenly French wine gets tariffed. In life and especially restaurants you have to expect the unexpected. Ya, it sucks really really bad. But you have no control over it. You have to move on and you can’t dwell on circumstances which are out of control. 

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