Study Anxiety

I figured this would be a reasonably appropriate place to ask for opinions/advice on this topic.

Wherein studying for the Advanced Exam came reasonably manageable to me, the MS exam studies are not. Life is different now (two kids, two restaurants), and it feels like

a. the fewer blocks of available study time

b. the less energy I generally have

c. the vastness of studies

tend to combine with each other to create a heaping amount of anxiety that often overwhelms me. 

In the process of improving diet/health/exercise routines. But I'm curious how folks find personally find peace in the process and find ways to focus on information that's in front of them, instead of letting the mountain of information possibilities fall on them.

As of now, I'm solo studying, and have been attempting to find MS study colleagues on a 2021-2022 timeline, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance!   

  • Hi Justin,

    I feel you there.  I know it may seem daunting, but in a way, the lower availability of time can work to your benefit; it will force you to focus on what the heart of what's important in a region.  Instead of being tempted to run down the rabbit hole of minutiae you'll instead be focused on the meat and potatoes of a region.  You're right that it is vast, but part of what separates MS theory from Advanced is seeing the whole world of wine out there and deciding for yourself what really matters for you.

    How do you attack that?  Just like a marathon, you get to the finish one step at a time.  Pick a region of the world and start at 30,000 feet.  Make sure you understand it there, then go deeper.  But then what's important?  Is that wine on the classic/best wine lists of the world?  If it is, then what's on the label?  To me, those two questions are a great funnel for determining what you need to know.

    As far as energy goes, take care of yourself.  Are you eating well?  Working out on a regular basis? I know that this seems to be like a lot of time that could be taking away form your studies, but it's absolutely important.  I found myself this past year doing my flashcards on the elliptical and treadmill to make sure that I was studying and getting my exercise in.

    A big help for me was using the StudyTech guide.  It's a concise and also deals with the use of memorization techniques to help streamline your time.  I also have an old post on memorization techniques that you might find useful to help maximize your study sessions.

    Best of luck to you!