New Yorker Orange Wine Article.

The sentiments of this article will obviously not be shared by everyone (it’s still ok to like different things, I think), but a few of my favorite lines: 

“By their nature, these wines very much open up as they breathe, slowly revealing subtle glories, or else gradually becoming slightly less bad.”


“A wine with a finish like sucking on a grapefruit rind is not a wine to drink for enjoyment. It is a wine to suffer through—the suffering is proof that the drink is morally improving—and then to enjoy talking about. The talking is the proof of the drinker’s good taste.”

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  • I guess I just don't get it. Honestly, I feel like wine consumers are being marketed the must and being told they should be interested in it. The "slightly less bad" has been my reaction to every "good" orange wine I've tried. Then again. maybe it just isn't for me. :-)

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