canned wine - or canning leftover wine

I have access to a 8/12oz canning machine through a friend.  Has anyone canned wine from a bottle?  Any idea how it affects the wine?  I always have leftover wine from my tasting groups and wondered if I canned it, could I open a can in 6 or 12 months to use for another tasting?  would the wine hold up?

Curious for any thoughts or experience shares.

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  • Hi Michael, I don't know the details of your setup, but I have a difficult time imagining that this could be pulled off without exposing the wine to quite a bit of oxygen which would certainly change the wine over the time period you described. Also, packaging wine in aluminum (this is what you're referring to, right?) is quite technical and adds a whole other set of complications in addition to oxidation since aluminum is reactive with the acid in wine. It's a nice idea, but a bit more complicated than it seems on the surface.

  • Yeah, like Jennifer said, once your wine is exposed to air for more than a moment, the clock is ticking, especially with the shaking around that would occur during pouring.  

    The only way to successfully transfer wine from a bottle into another container that I know is by siphoning a bottle immediately after opening.

  • This reminded me of Emidio Pepe's unusual method of "bottling". 

    Click here to play this video

  • Instead of seeing oxygen as your enemy, you can make it your friend by asking acetobacter to help with the fermentation... of vinegar... C2H5OH + O2 --> CH3COOH + H2O