Did Sassicaia get cuttings from Lafite? Yes or No?

I'm going through the CIA textbook Exploring Wines - a fairly venerable book 'round these parts even if it is getting a bit dated at 10 years old.  I read today that Rocchetta took cuttings from Lafite Rothschild to make Sassicaia.  I've heard this a bunch of times i.e. a Decanter article from 2015.  However, Tenuta San Guido's own website says they came from a 50 year old vineyard near Pisa. 

What gives?  Can anyone tell me the story?  Did the good Marchese spread rumors in order to sell his wine?  Did customers hear that he was inspired by Bordeaux and sort of fill in some gaps erroneously?  Wikipedia says the son Nicolo came clean in 2009.  I'd just like to hear the back story. 

I'm considering adding this to my list of "wine's biggest falsehoods" right behind sulfites cause headaches and they don't use chemicals in France.  


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