Help with Chinese connections for academic paper

Hello all,

I happen to be writing an academic paper for a capstone project for my bachelor's on Californian wine exports to China.  As part of the paper I will be traveling to Napa to speak with a few wineries in the area (as well as Sonoma and Santa Cruz) about their export experience and to take my certified.  Then I travel to Beijing from November 6-11 and Shanghai from November 11-16.  I will be raiding wine lists to check placement and stores to check pricing.  I'm also definitely excited to try some of the local stuff, and will try to make it to at least Hebei while I am there.  

I'm wondering if anyone in Shanghai or Beijing would be willing to sit down over a coffee (or a glass of Longyan haha) and go over their experience dealing with and selling Californian wines?  If anyone knows anyone in the realm of distribution?  

Just a shot in the dark, thanks for reading!

-Justin Pilotte

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