Staying in NYC for a couple days

as you can guess from the title, I am coming to nyc for a couple of days to do follows with a plan to move in a couple weeks. Just wondering if anyone knows the best place to find somewhere to stay for the 2 days. I’m looking at air bnb for rooms, I just don’t know if it’s worth staying in the city or staying outside and traveling in. I’m flying into and out of Newark if that helps. Thanks for any help.


  • look at  POD hotels. Not sure about your budget, but there are some hostels around too. 

  • Hi Kevin,

    Look for an AirBnB either downtown near World Trade or within short distance of the Path. Exchange Place in Jersey (or Grove or Journal Square) is also a good choice. You will be one to three stops from Manhattan AND on the same line that has a connection to the airport. You can use a Metro Card (not of the unlimited variety) to go back and forth to Jersey as well.

    Good Luck!