I failed my intro theory test

Hi. I'm looking for advice on how to move forward from this set back. I just took the intro exam and failed. I felt that I had done enough to at least get a 60% or more. I guess I didn't. That's not the part I'm most upset about. I paid (like all of us did) the $595 for the course and test. When I didn't get called that I passed, I went to the MS and asked if I could at least know my score. All 4 that I had asked said that they weren't allowed to give me my results. I feel like the purpose of the course and hopefully the guilde is to promote wine knowledge and better prepare to sell and share wine. So how am I to know where I went wrong if I am not told. Just asking if this is common 

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  • It's normal to want answers so you can improve. The court will not grant you the answers you seek. It's sort of tough love. The Master's job is not to make sure you fail, they all want success for us. In not revealing the answers, it allows you to strive to exceed the expectation. Nose to the grind, schnoz in the glass for knowing what different wine tastes like. I was doing my intro but you bet I was blind tasting, developing a profile, mumbling the grid like it was the serenity prayer every morning.  Don't lose your love for wine and don't let this stop you. Know that when you do test again, you'll be even better than you were, and that is a victory in and of itself. 

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