Advanced knowledge assessment test

m trying to find information on this assessment test online. So far all I can find out is that it’s 55 minutes and “written”. I know this year is the first to have this done at a testing facility. In the past it was an online survey. Do we know if it’s pen and paper or on a computer? Anyone who has done the survey, do you have any information that would be helpful?

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  • I agree about the studying what you are studying for. I’m just not taking the advanced this year, this is strictly for the course for me. I would expect advanced level questions for sure. I just like knowing the format so I can practice with those time restraints so I don’t spend too much time on a question. Also, with digital it’s harder to go back to questions you are stuck on than pen and paper.

    im really looking forward to the test regardless! Great motivation to not get dull.