Who's your favorite wine writer?

Who's reading who? I'm a big admirer of Peter Liem, Jordan MacKay (although only about France - every other region seems slightly less inspired), Jay McInerney, Kelli White (obviously) and anything coming out of Noble Rot Magazine. 

I'm trying to expand my reading selections - are there any other writers/outlets people really love? I'm interested in experts and keen observers alike - I'm currently reading The Accidental Connoisseur by Lawrence Osborne and although slightly smug, I love it. 

  • Are there modern writers that you particularly admire Kelli?

  • Oh man, too many to list. I still look forward to reading Eric Asimov every week, and I love of course what Elaine Brown does. Jon is great, obviously. Esther Mobley has been killing it! I love how she weaves politics and economics and history into her work. I lost the Roederer Emerging Writer a few years ago to Zachary Sussman, which is when I started reading him. I was like, ok I see why he won. He's really great, I think was writing for Punch but I don't see his name around much these days. Katherine Cole is tremendous, very witty and playful. I love her books. I recently told Remy Charest he is my frenemy because he covers geeky science stuff for SevenFifty (but I love his work). Miquel Hudin is never afraid to tell it like it is. I admire his honesty and also his skill as a writer and taster. I'm a total fan-girl for Giulia Meloni who writes very dry, dense academic work in wine. 

    Needless to say there are a lot of established, classic, and historic writers I love and admire (Jancis, Jefford, Johnson, oh my!), but you asked for the "modern" ones....

  • Also deserves a mention. I really love his writing and as much as I adore Compline, I can't help but lament that it keeps him away from the page!

  • I think I'll be quoting, "Miquel Hudin is never afraid to tell it like it is" somewhere, maybe my first tattoo, maybe. #hugs

    But you're one of the reasons I keep subscribing here! (That and Kruth has dirt on me...)

    Funny you mention this as I was just reading a piece by Ed Vulliamy about Peter Handke's Nobel prize:

    "For what it’s worth, my understanding of journalism is that you walk a straight line and report what’s true. This turns out to be not especially lucrative and harder than it should be."

    I think this goes pentuple in the wine world if not more.

  • You should use it as your epitaph. Mine is going to be, "not meant for further aging."

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