The Obligation and Responsibilities of a Somm

As a member of any food and beverage establishment, what are  the obligations of the Somm to the crew?   If in an establishment composed of four Level 3's, 5 Level's 2's, 4 Level 1's and 15 non Somms,  what role does each of the Somm Levels play in their interactions and communications with each other?   Is there any obligation at all?  Does the title Sommelier as given by Guild Somm have meaning and obligations beyond the rules, procedures and protocols of the establishment?

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Martin here.  

    Your pin does not take care of your guests.  Your pin does not provide hospitality.  Your pin does not bring a positive attitude to work, and it doesn't mean that you are a team player. 

    A sommelier is a role in a restaurant, a specialist that should be able to perform every other task in an above average manner.  You should be able to tend bar, call the pass, clear tables, run the front door and sweep the floor. You should also be a resource for your team.  

    One recommendation for your team of all the different levels- take your pins off.  I did, and rather than having conversations and interactions with guests about me, i get to focus on them. 

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