Sustainability in Restaurants (& Hotels)

Good morning. Was hoping for a thought or two on recycling and sustainability in our profession.

Is sustainability a factor in the choices your establishment makes?

How much paper does your restaurant go through each year on preshift notes and menus?

Any thoughts on how our position may contribute positively to this issue?

Most hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas do not recycle, and some light calculations on how much paper waste exists is truly staggering (let alone food waste!). 

Any input is appreciated!.


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  • Derek we started with replacing all plastic straws, even in the nightclubs, to promote sustainability issues. I just presented a biodegradable cocktail napkin as an option to the SVP, and I personally do all presentations online and email rather than print them out for most educational services.

    Regarding glass recycling there is a company we pay to sort through in Las Vegas and in every other city, Houston, NY, San Fran, LA, San Diego, they have an established recylcing bin in-house for glass bottles. 

    Paper is a huge factor but at the office we installed recycling bins though not sure it makes that much of a difference with all the memos and meeting notes saved on paper still.

    Supposedly the Bellagio and Aria also paya. company to sort and recycle their glass.