Sustainability in Restaurants (& Hotels)

Good morning. Was hoping for a thought or two on recycling and sustainability in our profession.

Is sustainability a factor in the choices your establishment makes?

How much paper does your restaurant go through each year on preshift notes and menus?

Any thoughts on how our position may contribute positively to this issue?

Most hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas do not recycle, and some light calculations on how much paper waste exists is truly staggering (let alone food waste!). 

Any input is appreciated!.


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  • I work at River Cafe in Calgary, and we are the most eco friendly restaurant in Canada. Here's some info about our practices: This week we also will be eliminating the use of black pepper (not local) and cling wrap. 

    We're very fortunate that in the past few years our city has made it mandatory for all businesses to have recycling programs and compost bins. However, those practices were already in place at the restaurant for years and helped pave the way for other restaurants and businesses to become more sustainable as well. I'm going to be leading the new sustainability board that we are starting up so if you have any other questions, I would be happy to chat. 

    So great to see that other restaurants are moving forward this way!

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