Taking SOMM 1 test in 2 Weeks.. Any Advice!!!

I'm currently studying the workbook and I'm halfway through it. So much information to retain and nervous for the test. Any advice or things I should focus on for the test. Please and thank you!

  • I'm assuming you're referring to the Introductory Sommelier Exam? The CMS doesn't use numbered levels like WSET so I want to make sure we're talking about the same thing...

    With regards to the Introductory Course & Exam, use the quizzes at the end of each section in the workbook to test your retention of the information. If it doesn't all fall into place right away, that's okay. The lectures during the Course will cover all of the information they expect you to know (and they often hint pretty heavily towards bits that will be on the exam). That will also be your opportunity to ask questions & clear up any troubles the material is giving you. 

    From the CMS website: "At the end of day two we will invite you to take a theory examination. The good news is that all questions are multiple choice reflecting the content of the preceding two days."

    It will be a fair exam. The Masters don't want to trick you. The goal is to provide - as the name suggests - an introduction to the CMS & help you understand how to prepare if you choose to move forward & take the Certified Sommelier Exam.

    Good luck!

  • There might be a question, so don't forget to review wine serving temperatures, and read the questions CAREFULLY. Some words like Pommard and Pomerol look the same at first glance but are 2 separate regions. Best of luck! 

  • My number one regret is not controlling my anxiety more throughout the process of taking the course. 

    Remember to breath, be present, and be aware.  It might seem like a lot of time to take the course, but by the end of it, I thought it had flown by.

    Best wishes and good luck!