Regarding the Advanced Knowledge Assessment

I am in a moral dilemma, and I wanted to get feedback from this community.

My fiancee and I both just took the Advanced Sommelier Exam last week in Portland for the first time and did not pass. We knew going into it that passing would be difficult, but we both are very excited to try again in the future, now that we know what it's like.

That said, we are not planning to try to sit again until 2021, due to wedding planning all next year. My dilemma is that now that the CMS changed how to apply and who gets into the Advanced Exam, would it be wrong of me to sign up to take the Knowledge Assessment to gauge where I am in my studies, knowing full well I am NOT going to take the exam next year and that if I were offered a spot, I would decline it?

I'd like to get some thoughts on this matter. Thank you. 

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  • Seems strange to use the assessment to gauge your studies, isn't that what the advanced theory in Portland was for? Meaning you should have a clearer understanding where you sit with all 3 phases after just taking the exam. IMO there is nothing wrong with taking the assessment and not accepting a seat if it were offered to you though.

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