Best Screw Cap Wine

My boss asked me to create a wine list of accessible screw cap wine. He wants high quality and low price is not a requirement. Any suggestions?

  • Most on this list are from southern Hemisphere, but there are some gems elswhere.

    Producers with (Suggested Bottlings)...I'd check out what's available from the producers, though, and make sure to check with the distros, as some of these bottlings are sent to different areas under cork as well:

    Vasse Felix (Tom Cullity Cab Sauv)
    Cade (Howell Mtn Cab Sauv)
    Leeuwin (Artists Series Chard)
    Kumea River (Mate's Vineyard Chard)
    Jermann (Tunina- but anything they do is good)
    Cirillo (1850 Grenache)
    Bonny Doon (Cigare Volant- may it RIP, but there are still many bottles in distribution)
    Maximin Grunhauser (newer vintages- Abtsberg Spatlese is a good place to start)
    Dr. Hermann (Urzig Wurzgarten Riesling)
    Dr. Loosen (know Erden Treppchen and Urzig  Wurzgarten on newer vintages are available this way)
    Dog Point (any of their Pinot Noir)
    Felton Road (any of their Pinot)
    Cloudy Bay (Te Koko)
    Osborne (PX 1827)
    Hijos de Rainera (most of their sherry- some are delightful if not cheap)
    Louis Michel (standard Chablis)
    Henri Bourgeois (lower end offerings)
    Ochota Barrels (The Fugazi)
    Ott (Stein Gruner)
    Badenhorst (all of the Secateurs, and many of the higher bottlings, too)

    This list can go on and on with just Aussie and NZ, but here's a start. 

  • Thumbs up for the Kumeu Mate’s, stellar wine! 

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