Certified Exam Best Resources?

Hi all!! I'm beginning to study for the certified exam and am feeling a bit overwhelmed anyone out there find any books that was most helpful?

  • Second Mr Renshaw that the study guides on this site are the best resource to use to create a knowledge base.

    If the guides seem to go more in depth than is easy for you to follow, I would use the Wine Bible as a primer first.

    World Atlas of Wine is great for Certifed-level if you use it right. It's HIGHLY recommended that while you're studying a particular region, have that region's map open so that you can put the information in a spatial context. The essays from the Atlas that accompany each map are great for an overview, but the Guildsomm study guides are MUCH better for making a flashcard bank.

    Also, make sure to mix in some producer studying. The producer profile pages on this site are great to give you a foundational knowledge of top producers in major regions. You should have decent command of top producers in at least: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Piedmont, and Tuscany.

    Happy hunting.

  • Reread this and realized I forgot: add Napa to that list of regions where you should have strong producer knowledge.

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