GuildSomm's 10th Anniversary Book: Pre-order now!

To celebrate GuildSomm's 10th anniversary, we've compiled 15 of our favorite feature articles in a beautiful, cloth-bound coffee table book. Read works by , and others—in print for the first time. While we love this internet platform, we are really excited to put some of our work into book form.

We are printing just 500 copies of this book, available to GuildSomm members only and sold at cost. However, if you pre-order today, you can guarantee your copy and get 15% off the book price! The price will increase to $59 on December 16. We expect to ship the books in early January.

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And here's a sneak peak:


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  • I was curious about the table of contents of this book, and was able to find the source of six of the fifteen articles, using the images posted above and on the product page: 

    pp. 34-35: Gregory Jones, "Climate, Grape, and Wine" (note that the illustration on p. 34 did not appear in the original article)

    pp. 70-71:  Kelli White, "The Evolution of American Oak" (note that the photograph on p. 71 did not appear in the original article)

    pp. 74-75:  Matt Stamp, "The True Story of To-Kalon Vineyard"

    pp. 90-91:  Matt Stamp, "Inglenook of Napa Valley"

    pp. 122-123:  Kelli White, "American Wine Importers that Changed the Game"

    pp. 160-161;  Kelli White, "The Wine Glass:  Form, Function, & Fragility"

    You can find the original articles by searching on Guildsomm or Google.

    The book looks like a fun collectors item; I've ordered a copy.

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