Special Club Rose

Doing some Special Club studying today and found a couple of mentions of Geoff Kruth's love for the Bara Special Club Rose bottling. It seems that Mousse and Salmon now make them as well (both 100% Munier at that).

Has anyone ever tried those wines the Mousse or Salmon?

Any others doing rose versions that I've missed, or have them coming in future releases?

  • I've sold the 2012 Paul Bara Champagne Grand Cru Spécial Club Rosé and this wine is awesome. However, definitely for the more experienced Champagne fan, and needs some bottle age to show its peak.  In terms of PQR, its a lot of wine for around $140 retail.  This is what Kermit has on it:

     Spécial Club Brut Rosé Grand Cru Millésimé:

    70% Pinot Noir (12% Bouzy Rouge), 30% Chardonnay 35 years average vine age, Clay, Limestone
    • Made by direct press
    • Ages in bottle for 9 years before release
    • Current disgorgement: January 2018 (2013 vintage)
    • Dosage 7 g/L

  • Hm, 9 year bottle-aging and we are drinking the '12? Curious.

  • • Current disgorgement: January 2018 (2013 vintage) Yes, very...The regular Spécial Club Brut Grand Cru Millésimé is 5 years, and that would ad up.  I wonder if its just a typo. 

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