If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 1/10/2020

Georges Duboeuf dies: Legendary Beaujolais winemaker and négociant Georges Duboeuf died last Saturday. He was 86. Born into a winegrowing family that sold its production in bulk, he decided to sell the wine himself at age 18 and was successful enough that he became a négociant. In the 1980s, Duboeuf brought worldwide attention to the annual release of Beaujolais Nouveau. [Wine Spectator]

Proposed tariffs: Eric Asimov offered a thorough primer on the proposed 100% tariffs on EU wines and other goods, and the separate tariff on Champagne, including the ramifications for American importers, distributors, restaurants, shops, consumers, and winemakers—as all wines rely on the same distribution network. He includes the links for commenting. The Times also published an opinion piece by Jenny Lefcourt of Jenny & Francois Selections. [NYT]

Australia’s fires: As fires continue in Australia, information about the extent of damage to vineyard area has remained slim. Decanter reports that Wine Australia estimates that 1% of the country’s vineyard land is located in fire zones, and not all of that land has been damaged. However, the executive officer of the Adelaide Hills regions believes 30% of their vineyards are within the fire zone. Jancis Robinson published a list of ways to help. [Decanter, JancisRobinson.com]

Contentious dry January: Health organizations collaborated on launching a dry January campaign in France, but a group of individuals, including chefs and writers, criticized the initiative as an “Anglo-Saxon and puritan obsession” in Le Figaro. Emmanuel Macron and France’s health ministry have thus far refrained from endorsing the campaign. [Decanter]

Spotted Pig harassment fallout: Ken Friedman is leaving the Spotted Pig and will pay $240,000 and 20% of his profits for the next decade to the 11 former staffers who accused him of misconduct during the investigation that began in 2018. The restaurant is also required to put anti-harassment policies in place. [Eater]

Paul Grieco on business & tasting: SevenFifty Daily interviewed Paul Grieco about business management, advice for starting out in wine, and what he’s excited about now. There's also an accompanying blind tasting video. [SevenFifty Daily]

What do you think?

What are you expecting with the proposed tariff saga as the window for comment closes?

What else have you heard from Australia? If you’re in Australia or close to people there, please share the best ways you’ve heard for those of us further afield to provide support.

What do you think of dry January campaigns? How do you respond to France’s split reaction?

What’s the advice you would give for someone just starting out in wine?

What else have you been reading this week?