Block the 100% Wine Tariffs

I don't hear much noise from my fellow wine community members.  Is everyone aware of what is going on?  If not, here are some current articles to help sober you up! Everyone's livelihoods are threatened here.  Please voice your concern to your local congressman.  The more noise me make, the less likely it will go through. Let's permanently block this tariff now! Could impact 17,000 jobs, 2 Billion loss to our economy, millions of dollars generated from state taxes on wine sales, loss of consumer choice, cost-prohibitive pricing, and of course, a threat to free trade and our rights as citizens.

Write a letter to your congressmen and women today!

  • Not to take away from your message, but what constitutes noise to you? I'm hearing quite a bit. My email inbox has been flooded with tariff emails, I read two beverage industry news aggregators daily, both of which have had daily updates on the issue from the industry perspective, Guildsomm has had several discussion that focused on the topic, and my colleagues are being interviewed by local newspaper and tv agencies across the nation. What should we be doing to make more noise? 

  • I think the comment period closed yesterday, correct?  I heard, but have not been able to confirm, that a decision will arrive tomorrow in the form of tariffs being applied or not being applied.

  • Man, let's pray this gets blocked!

  • What region are you?  Perhaps your network is more lively than mine, but I don't hear any official statements from the Court, the Wine Scholar Guild, the WSET, the IMW and other large important trade organizations. Everyone needs to speak out. Doesn't matter if the official comment period has closed, the government needs to feel like this is a really really bad idea, so I don't think there is enough  noise, no.

  • I’m not familiar with any sort of a timeline on a decision? I think the trade negotiations are still ongoing. Do you have any more detail on this?

  • In WA.

    You'll be happy to know the Court did send out an email encouraging everyone to comment. To your point, of the emails I've seen,have almost all have been from retailers and distributors. 

  • Looks like the Trump trade strategy is bringing "noise" from the "important trade organizations" you are hoping gets involved. I believe we call that strategy.....#winning. 

    Leading EU And US Wine Trade Groups Sign Landmark Statement On Tariffs

    Call on governments to support "zero for zero" for wine

  • I’ve seen it reported as, vaguely, “the end of January.”  My previous boss mentioned to me that January 15th was the day he heard the tariffs were scheduled to be applied.  But I haven’t found anything official as far as when new or enhanced tariffs would be imposed. 

  • Yes, thanks everyone.  The court has a well-researched statement on their website, which is great to see.

    The most current source for up-to-date information is the facebook group "Organizing Wine Tariff Response"  They have people in Washington fighting on our behalf. We got a letter signed by the California congressmen and women to block this, so that is great. You can find a copy on the facebook group.  Sounds like we are trying to get a committee hearing on this issue so that the government wakes up to the gravity of it. 

  • Hey! I saw you’re in San Diego and some past colleagues of mine were on street corners in SD yesterday with signs in a small protest against the tariffs. 

    Social media is inundated with Somms and the like raising awareness. For sure the more speaking up the better! 

    Official comments closed on the 13th. There are at least a few petitions too. Nothings decided yet though!

  • Between France's new digital service tax and the EU support of Airbus which caused the ruling in the US favor coupled with the facet the EU farmers enjoy a $10 Billion surplus with the US, partly because of EU barriers to many US farm products. I say bring on the tarriffs. So, far the administration has renotigiated NAFTA (UCMCA) and got Phase one with China done ....time to put pressure on the EU commisioner hil Hogan the EU trade commisioner - not the Trump adminstration in DC working to protect all jobs...not just wine industry jobs @PhilHoganEU. >>Busy day in Washington DC yesterday incl. meetings with Senator

    & Congressmen


    . Our #EUTrade objective is to reset & refresh the transatlantic relationship to benefit workers and economies in both #EU & U.S.

  • While you were all writing strongly worded letters to your congressman. This happened (Jan 14th 2020) Trade/ WTO: EU, US, and Japan agree on new ways to stregthen global rules on insustrial subsidies.

  • You fail to mention that the WTO also found that Boeing was guilty of accepting subsidies and other disallowed governmental assistance such as corporate tax breaks.

    The US has just handed out $14.5 billion in subsidies to farmers whose markets they destroyed with tariffs on China. That's OVER HALF of what the WTO found Airbus guilty of receiving OVER A 38 YEAR PERIOD ending in 2006.

    Yes, US agricultural products do have a deficit vs imported ag goods from the EU, but the US has a $16 billion SURPLUS vs other countries in the world. Do you think every other country should immediately enact tariffs to prevent that from happening? The entire deficit argument is specious anyway, not to mention that it's affected by things like currency fluctuations. But I digress...

    There are other more mutually beneficial ways to improve fairness in trade than tariffs. History tells that story very clearly. Just look at Smoot Hawley as an example of tariffs gone wrong. If tariffs worked, why would there be so many examples of them being repealed or removed over time? 

    Job-destroying tariffs on ANY industry is not the answer. I for one will keep fighting to make sure that jobs in the US wine industry aren't relegated to the heap of collateral damage caused by these unnecessary trade wars.

  • That's a perfect example of how trade negotiations SHOULD work. Not one mention of tariffs. 

  • YES - everyone should please head over to the FB "Organizing Wine Tariff Response" page. You have to request to join because it's limited to people in the trade who are fighting to prevent/overturn tariffs. It's filled with great up to date info.