Block the 100% Wine Tariffs

I don't hear much noise from my fellow wine community members.  Is everyone aware of what is going on?  If not, here are some current articles to help sober you up! Everyone's livelihoods are threatened here.  Please voice your concern to your local congressman.  The more noise me make, the less likely it will go through. Let's permanently block this tariff now! Could impact 17,000 jobs, 2 Billion loss to our economy, millions of dollars generated from state taxes on wine sales, loss of consumer choice, cost-prohibitive pricing, and of course, a threat to free trade and our rights as citizens.

Write a letter to your congressmen and women today!

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  • I’ve seen it reported as, vaguely, “the end of January.”  My previous boss mentioned to me that January 15th was the day he heard the tariffs were scheduled to be applied.  But I haven’t found anything official as far as when new or enhanced tariffs would be imposed. 

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