Wines Produced Only in Great Vintages

Just got caught falling down a rabbit hole thinking about wines that aren't necessarily produced regularly and can demonstrate the power of truly amazing vintages (or try to- we've occasionally seen some of these turn out to be mistakes on the parts of the hopeful producers). 

Beyond d'Yquem, Vintage Port, and some top-tier Champagnes (Salon, Clos de Mesnil, etc..), what wines do ya'll think of when you consider this special/unusual category?

    • Quintarelli Rosso di Bepi/Amarone
    • Casa Ferreirinha Barca Velha (go Skyler)
    • Vega Sicilia Unico
    • Gaja Barbaresco incarnations (vineyard plots/declassifications) (Costa Russi,San Lorrenzo, San Tildin)
    • Any German Icewine/TBA (Thanisch Muller-Burgraeff, Egon Müller, Donhöff
    • Terlan Rarity Pinot Bianco
    • A case could be made for Sine Qua Non
    • A case could be made for Henschke Hill of Grace (no '11,'00,'74,'60)
    • Emidio Pepe Montepulciao d'Abruzzo
    • Chateau Grillet 
    • Domino Pingus 'Pingus'
    • Coche Dury Corton - Charlamagne

    Jeremy, This has been a really thought provoking question. Thanks!

    I'm having a hard time coming up with New World, any ideas y'all?

  • The above wines from Coche, Unico, Gaja, SQN, Grillet, Pingus are all produced regularly.  I would say the only time that some of these are not produced are in exceptionally poor vintages.

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