Wines Produced Only in Great Vintages

Just got caught falling down a rabbit hole thinking about wines that aren't necessarily produced regularly and can demonstrate the power of truly amazing vintages (or try to- we've occasionally seen some of these turn out to be mistakes on the parts of the hopeful producers). 

Beyond d'Yquem, Vintage Port, and some top-tier Champagnes (Salon, Clos de Mesnil, etc..), what wines do ya'll think of when you consider this special/unusual category?

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  • Oh cool! How does a great vintage for Viura et. al. typically relate to a great vintage for Tempranillo et. al.? I assume they are parallel, but haven't don't any studying on the differences in preferred conditions for the white and red rioja to verify this. 

  • Decanter: "The Ygay white is a somewhat rare beast, its previous manifestations 1919, 1932, 1940, 1946, 1950, 1962, 1970, probably all still delicious. There is a strong possibility that the 1998 will make the cut too, but we will have to wait quite a while to confirm this. There were a very few cases of this wine from 1986 released relatively early, but the majority was not bottled until 2016, after a mere 252 months in American oak barrels."

    1986 is the current release for this. Sorry to spam information, I just didn't know anything about this wine until now!