Winery recommendations in Priorat, Spain?

Hello all, 

I'm looking for any recommendations or guidance on where to visit while in Priorat, Spain March 11-13. Would really appreciate any help! We are taking the train in from Barcelona and are totally flexible based on timing/geography. 

My wife and I would like to experience two Wineries that are unique. Doesn't have to be too serious - just a quality representation of the region.

Also, if anyone has been to the are and has any good restaurant recommendations, those would be appreciated as well!

Thanks in advance :) 

  • Well, as I live in Priorat, I naturally I recommend my Priorat book Slight smile but otherwise, I'm unfortunately up in Burgundy for Grands Jours or I'd be happy to meet up for a drink.

    For wineries, just do Clos Mogador and Mas Alta. Mogador is going to be a bit heavy on talk for the visit and the wines served will be too young, but it's one of the originals. Mas Alta is more modern style but in a good way and you can usually taste older vintages. You could try Ferrer Bobet, but they're usually not available.

    Restaurants: Aspic, Amics, Brots, Cooperativa, Terra Dominicata, Quatre Molins in no particular order.

    That's about it. Fit in a stop Siurana and Monastery as well.

  • Miquel, I really appreciate your response and recommendations. Sorry we will miss you while in Priorat, but I'll definitely check out your book prior to going. :)  Is it fairly easy to get around town without a vehicle or do you recommend renting one? We are taking the train in from Barcelona. Thanks again - much appreciated!

  • Nope, it's the countryside here. You need access to wheels.

  • Really appreciate the feedback - We will plan on renting a car in Barcelona to have with us during our few days in Priorat. Lastly, can you recommend a central town to book a hotel that would give us easiest access to everything you have mentioned above? This has all been incredibly helpful and much appreciated!

  • The capital of county, Falset

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