Crémant de Savoie AOP


As I review the cahier des charges (specifications) for Crémant de Savoie AOP (page 18), I am unsure what they are saying (even when translated!). When it comes to the base assemblage, it seems to indicate that it would be 'beneficial' that the cuvée adhere to these 3 things: (1) minimum 40% Jacquère, (2) a combination of Altesse and/or Jacquère together or separately at a minimum of 60%, and (3) no more than 20% red varieties. 

Is this merely a recommendation? Or a hard rule? And if so, how to interpret minimum Jacquère requirement if it can be combined with Altesse for a minimum of 60%? We would love to ensure the right information for you all! 

Je ne sais pas! Merci! 

  • You are reading it correctly, though the literal translation does not come out so clearly...  That page of the cahier is essentially making clear the varietal restrictions for any addition to the "Savoie AOP", so that wines that will benefit from the addition of "Ayse" have a minimum amount of Gringet in the blend, and wines that will benefit from the "Crémant" designation have the varietal restrictions you mention...

    Legalese is never comprehensible in any language!

  • Thank you! Yes, so true... 

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