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As I review the cahier des charges (specifications) for Crémant de Savoie AOP (page 18), I am unsure what they are saying (even when translated!). When it comes to the base assemblage, it seems to indicate that it would be 'beneficial' that the cuvée adhere to these 3 things: (1) minimum 40% Jacquère, (2) a combination of Altesse and/or Jacquère together or separately at a minimum of 60%, and (3) no more than 20% red varieties. 

Is this merely a recommendation? Or a hard rule? And if so, how to interpret minimum Jacquère requirement if it can be combined with Altesse for a minimum of 60%? We would love to ensure the right information for you all! 

Je ne sais pas! Merci! 

  • Ok! As a colleague (Jenn!) generously explained, it’s all these things. This rule is basically to prevent a variety like Chardonnay from taking up as much as 60% of the blend. Altesse is able to help balance that share up to 60%, though, so long as a minimum of 40% Jacquère is present. And never more than 20% red grapes. I swear it’s like a voting ballot- I can read it 10 times and still be confused! 

    We are, however, still investigating the language ‘beneficial’ to be certain this is a hard rule to know. We believe that it is a polite way of say ‘yes it is’ in French. 

  • That's great. So basically, the Iowa Caucuses. "Shoot, my grape didn't win, but let's combine our votes to make sure Chardonnay doesn't get all of the delegates." Joy

  • It would be beneficial if the other candidate didn’t get all the delegates...

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