Old Madeira Service & Pairing advice

I have friends planning to open a bottle of 1920 Blandy's Bual next week and have asked me how long it would keep once open. I get the impression they would like to stretch the bottle over as long a time frame as possible, though I'm unsure that they have a Coravin.

It makes sense to me that it should last quite a while once open, but that it also might be best consumed within a few days of opening. If anyone has experience serving Madeira this old BTG, both conventionally or with a Coravin, I would appreciate some advice. 

Also looking for any unconventional pairings anyone has enjoyed with old Bual.



  • I always love a good mushroom bisque with Bual, but if you want something a little different I'd recommend this: https://www.doitinparis.com/en/recipe-quiche-pumpkin-bacon-23138

    There's a variation I make all the time of this quiche for dinner – cook up some onion with either dates or apple, then add in a bit a chili pepper (I usually use fresno) and cook that down. You can also sub sweet potato for the pumpkin, then right before folding in the egg whites, throw in some taleggio cheese. Serve it warm with fresh arugula on top with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt – it's been a big hit any time I make it for guests and I think it would be delicious with Madeira. I don't have experience serving Madeira that old by the glass, so hopefully someone can give some advice with that and I'd love to hear what anyone else enjoys as a pairing with old Bual!

  • Hi,

    No need to coravin, it'll hold up.

    sticky toffee pudding