Update on GuildSomm Anniversary Books

Hi all! I wanted to give a quick update on the GuildSomm 10th anniversary book. We hit some delays in the shipping process, so we are behind schedule in terms of what we originally shared for getting the pre-ordered books into your hands. I'm so sorry for the delay. I can assure you, though, that the finalized books will be beautiful! 

I will post here when we ship the books so that you know your order is on its way to you, and we'll give you a contact for reaching out if it doesn't arrive promptly.

If you need to change the address or any other details in your original order, please email christine@guildsomm.com

While pre-order pricing has ended, you can still purchase books for immediate shipping once printed here.

Thank you so much for your patience!

  • Any further info on the 10th anniversary book !!

  • Hi (and all of you patiently awaiting your books...!). As you're all well aware, everyone is affected by the coronavirus, including our printer. Per their last update, there was a small team still able to work at their main press, but they're very short staffed and not sure when they'll be able to finish the project. It is underway, but while we should have had the books in your hands now, I really can't make an accurate prediction at this time.

    I'm so sorry for the many, many delays! I will post another update here as soon as I have a clearer timeline.