2020 'Gerard Basset' Global Fine Wine Report - Finger on the Pulse

Hi everyone! 

Nina Basset FIH, Lewis Chester DipWSET, and Alexander A. Lushnikov of Liquid Icons wanted us to share with you the 2020 'Gerard Basset’ Global Fine Wine Report – Finger on the Pulse. 

"The 2020 Report covers the period 2019 and predictions for the year ahead. It is based on more than 7,500 data points deconstructed from 1,637 responses received from 115 global fine wine market players – including 33 Masters of Wine (MWs) and 3 Master Sommeliers (MSs) – who are either based or operate in at least 33 countries across 6 continents. The respondents include but are not limited to world-class fine wine sommeliers, critics, journalists, and writers as well as representatives from fine wine merchants, brokers, auction houses, private members’ clubs, fine dining restaurants, and luxury hotels."