Ruling on Tariffs

The USTR published their updated tariffs. As I understand it, no additional tariffs on wine.

  • "As of this time, the Trade Representative has decided not to increase the
    rate of additional duties above the additional 25 percent currently being applied to non-aircraft products."

    Lots of legalese here but this piece seems to be the meat and potatoes. 

    They cited the comments received as a reason for this decision. Good to see all the strongly worded letters and responses had the desired effect!

  • The France, Spain, Germany 25% tariffs remain. It feels as though the plan all along was to institute the 25% tariff and then to threaten 100% EU tarriffs so people would not complain about the 25%.

  • All EU wines still remain on the Airbus issue "carousel" so while tariffs were not expanded in this round, they still could be. The next announcement about this will be 180 days from the last one, which makes it August 15th. However, if the EU retaliates, it could be any time before that. 

    Many people are still working to actively fight the existing tariffs and remove all wines from the carousel entirely. We will not be safe as an industry until that happens.