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The Guild in Australia


We have been very fortunate in the last few years with the CMS coming out to Australia to run the Intro and certified courses and with WSET now having local providers of the diploma program, as well as the Master of Wine in Melbourne. We are have certainly picked up our game and the industry is moving to align itself with the European and North American wine industries.

WSET is now being the industry standard for sommeliers here and those who know about the CMS are now seeking out those who have been examined by the court. With our newest Master last year, I know most  are all eagerly awaiting for the day when Advanced exams will finally be able to be held here.

My question is, given the success of the Guild in the US and what is has done for the industry in the US, particularly with its enrichment programs, what would have to happen to set up a local Australian Chapter of the Guild along with a similar enrichment program and competitions? In Fairness, lets not forget are close neighbours the Kiwis (New Zealand) who would greatly benefit from this too.

Does anyone know of any whispers or plans in the works? Has anyone kicked the ball rolling? And if not, how can we set it in motion?

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