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Australian Wine

I would be very interested to hear thoughts on where you think the Aussie wine industry is going? Particularly the foreseeable future.  Personally, I feel the light is getting brighter each day? I have started to see dedicated sections back in fine wine retail, Aussie sections/pages on wine lists, etc...


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  •   I've been in wine retail for about six years - and when I first started the attitudes toward Australian wines were pretty damn dismissive. Very few guests at the shops wanted to have anything to do with them - I think the blanket consensus was that Australian wine = Yellow Tail = $7 saturated fruit bomb.  But I think it is getting better all the time, or at least what is consistently good is getting noticed. The 2008 Penfolds Grange Shiraz merited 100 points RP, for what that is worth, and I personally love Mollydooker wines - of course they are fruit forward but they're also structured and lovely. What is funny is that a very comprehensive wine shop I worked for in LA had a solid Australian section - and the company I work for now, headed by a Master Sommelier, has not a single Australian wine in either of our two locations. As with anything, there seem to be two schools of thought - "Go Australia go! I'm loving it!" or "Aw, Australia making wine...that's precious." Interestingly enough, you're not the only one pondering this question - here's a poll from Wine Spectator if you care to weigh in.