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Documentary Film on "Cult" wines‏‏‏‏‏

Hi everyone, I wanted to extend the offer to everyone to be a part of my new full-length documentary that I'm producing and directing on the phenomena of "Cult" wines. Here's the basic pitch:

My name is Bill Kelley, and I'm an award-nominated filmmaker and 15 year veteran of resort work as a bartender, server, chef and wine steward.

 A native of the Northwest, I am now based in Northern California, living on the Sonoma Coast. My newest project is a full-length documentary exploring the history and culture of the phenomena of "Cult" wines and wineries. The primary focus will be on Napa and Sonoma, the Central Coast, the Dundee and Carlton areas of Oregon, and Washington wineries such as yourselves. It will feature not only the wineries and farmers of the wines, but also restaurateurs, sommeliers and specialists in the most prized wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux and other notable international regions, as well as private collectors of these wines.

 I operate my own small studio and have been working with HD gear and wonderful cast of supporters in the area, and have been out shooting in this slower time of year to finish shooting in the spring and editing for festival (including the new upcoming 2010 Napa Valley Film Festival from Marc Lhormer) submissions and distribution.

A sample of some of my previous work, including the trailer for my one of my feature films that's in post-production right now, and my recent coverage of
the largest Scotch tasting event of the year in San Francisco at:

And find some of my various film work listed on:

And our newest website for food/wine/travel blogging and web-series:

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, and I'd love to set up a time to visit and interview with you in the next couple of months, sharing any insights, funny stories, perspectives, and experiences from a somm's point of view on "cult" wines, both local, National and International. I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting project with you! I'm a fan myself of many of the cult wines of Pisoni, Kosta Browne, Sea Smoke, Carlisle, Kistler, Adrian Fog and many others.


Bill Kelley
Arthouse Productions
707-884-1898 (home)
831-601-1194 (cell)